Friday, July 9, 2010

July 7

                Yet again we began this morning with overcast, unpromising looking skies. Strong winds swept across the ground, lowering the temperature to a frigid (ha-ha) sixty six degrees. Our crew and pilots were on the grid for a very long time, while the launch was continually delayed. When they finally started, it had been decided that the world class would not fly. Needless to say, the other classes were green with envy.
                After launch, every one of our pilots had a rough time, with three out of the four pilots landing out. Grandpa and I sent the crews out on their retrieves, using our new our European Auto Route software. Sharon Jankowski was able to follow "John from Denmark", whose pilot had landed in the same field as Mike. Mike was found to be in good company, with two other very experienced pilots in the same field. The retrieve was made much easier with everyone working together to get the three pilot and crew teams on the road in short order.  Peter's rig ended up suspended between the banks while attempting to cross a creek.  Fortunately several friendly locals happened along and soon had the trailer wheels back on the ground and glider, pilot, crew and trailer on the road for home.
One of the local favorites Sebastian Kawa made it past the 3 kilometer finish ring and landed short of the airfield getting credit for a good finish.
                We have a much more hopeful forecast for tomorrow's flight, and our pilots are all looking forward to a day without out rain and storms.
-Blair and Dick Mockler