Thursday, July 1, 2010

A lovely practice day with nice streets on all legs (for the World Class) and altitudes up to 7500 ft. Bill and I practiced our Team Flying technique, as well as dodging storms, one of which was (of course) right at the first turn point... We flew together well until my radio and PDA (on the same battery) went blank.. Fortunately the second GPS with back-up PDA (on the second battery) was still OK. Traced the problem tonight to a bad battery charger. Another trip to Tesco tomorrow to try and find a new one. Practice days have their value in debugging all the unfamiliar equipment, which is borrowed and does not always perform as expected...
Time for bed... Getting into the routine of my 10-hrs nights during contests. I'll take all the beauty sleep I can get.
And Rizsard did make it in, avoiding a few storms on his way from Zar in Poland where he took possession of his glider. His son Konrad also arrived with the trailer on tow.
The full Team is now on site. Tomorrow is the last practice day.