Thursday, July 1, 2010


Thursday, July 1,2010 Today was like normal practice days except my dad landed out. But lets start from the beginning. I woke up with dirty socks being shoved in my mouth. I knew from the beginning today was going to be a very long day. So I got dressed, got my backpack and we went to the airport. We ate breakfast and then we went to the glider. I washed the glider and then we hooked the glider up to the car then we went to then. I was wandering around in some bushes and found some wheat. It was a major find because I have never seen wheat In real life. I was so excited I almost…Uhhh. Did something crazy. I went to get a bottle to keep the seeds in and tried a seed. It was delicious! So I got the bottle and filled it up about one eighth of the way. Then I could not go back to where the wheat is because they started to take off . ,So after my dad took off we went to eat lunch. The wait felt like hours. So finally I said that the wait was to long and that I was going to eat the seeds for lunch. So after lunch my dad landed. Not a normal landing, a land out. Good ol gramps didn't want to believe me so I told him to look at our spot. I was right (of course ). So we jumped into our car and then we went on our periling 2 hour, excuse me, 3 hours long drive there and another 3 hours on the way back. So then after we dropped off the glider at the airport we went back to the hotel and plopped into my bed and went on snoring. That's it. See you soon! please read other blogs!